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WHY PAPER BAG (“Dream for a polythene free safe Environment”)

As we know polythene and the products made out of polythene or polypropylene (Non Woven Bags) are very hazardous to our earth. It takes hundreds of years to decompose in soil and don’t decompose in waterbody, so it creates a great soil and water pollution. Long years ago we are using without any restriction. All other developed countries banned direct or indirect use of polythene. But in India the situation is just like “Laws are made to be broken” but in some parts of India like in Metroes and hill stations the use of polythene is strictly prohibited but in Odisha the situation is something different. We people as well as Govt. don’t hesitate to the rough use of direct or indirect polythene product. But we celebrate world earth day, Save Environment day, world tourism day, practically these are meaningless ‘only crocodile crying’.


Now we have to think about “The paper Bag” a good substitute to our all necessary day to day use, without hampering the earth planet.


The paper bags are :- Made from food grade , bio degradable, Eco friendly recycled Kraft Paper.


This idea attracted me to think as a young Entrepreneur how to save the earth without changing our day to day habit….Finally the idea takes shape as “ Caravan Enterprises Paper Bags”. “Dream for a polythene free safe Environment”.